Adam and Eve 3


About the game: Adam and Eve 3

Adam and Eve 3 is yet another sequel to the Adam and Eve Flash game series. It’s a popular point and click logical game where the player needs to click on certain objects to help Adam proceed to the next level. In the game, Adam is a man from prehistoric times who is not quite happy with his current wife. Hence, he wants to get married to Eve. With each click, an action is performed that helps Adam to move ahead and eventually reach Eve at the end of the game.

The game is interactive and does not involve a lot of controls to play. You only need to click on different objects to solve the puzzle. The overall graphics of the game are eye-catching and Friendly. Hence, the game can be played by children and adults both. The gameplay reminds you more of the Flintstones cartoon, where everything was of the prehistoric era.


How to play Adam and Eve 3?

Below are the steps to play the game:

  • Visit the game page and click the play button at the bottom right.
  • Once you are in the game, use the left-click to interact with different objects to complete the objective and move Adam ahead.
  • The more objects you click, the more the chances of Adam to advance to the next level and reach Eve.


Adam and Eve 3 unblocked


Final words

The game is addictive if you are a fan of logical flash games. It pushes your mind to solve the mysteries and helps Adam reach the next level. The more you can solve in the game, the closer Adam gets to his love “Eve”. So what are you waiting for? Play the game and train your logical mind muscles now.

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