Achievement Unlocked


Achievement Unlocked is the first game in the series. The game has the same elephant protagonist as in many other jmtb02 games. The game is all about collecting the 100 achievements while not worrying about the number of lives as there are unlimited.


About achievement unclocked unblocked?

The game starts with the Player playing as an elephant. The Player needs to collect 100 achievements listed on the right of the screen to win the game. While some of the achievements are easy to collect, like “just moving,” some are more tricky, like “meaning of life.” The gameplay consists of spikes, platforms, and cubes. The only way to finish the game is to collect all the achievements.


Some of the achievements that are to be collected are as follows:

  • Fight gravity: Figure out how to jump upwards.
  • Rock bottom: Find the bottom of the easiest level.
  • 10 seconds: Play for 10 seconds.
  • 30 seconds: Play for 30 seconds.
  • 60 seconds: Play for 60 seconds.
  • Best Player ever: Earned an achievement.
  • 10 percent done: Earn 10 achievements.
  • 20 percent done: Earn 20 achievements.
  • Clink, clash, clink: Found the sponsor screen.
  • Double play pit: Have two corpses in the pit at once.

How to play achievements unlocked?

Here are the steps to play the game.

  1. Visit the game page and click on the play button.
  2. Click on the play button again to start the game.
  3. Now, collect all the 99 achievements to complete the game.

Game Control

Use the four arrow keys to control the elephant.

Final Words

The game serves as a reminder that sometimes, the joy resides in the process rather than the outcome. It emphasizes that gaming can provide pure entertainment, often in the most unexpected and unconventional forms. So, continue your quest to unlock those achievements and complete the game.

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