Achievement Unlocked 3


Achievement Unlocked is a game where you control a little blue elephant exploring the world or at least the rooms he can reach. It’s the third game in the series and a sequel to Achievement Unlocked 2. There are 400 achievements that a player needs to achieve to complete the game.


Gameplay: Achievement unlocked and unblocked

The game starts with a little blue elephant in a room. When the player moves the elephant through a pipe to another room, there he meets a giant hamster who tells him the list of achievements to be completed. The list of achievements is listed on the right of the game screen. The goal of the game is not to traverse levels without dying but solely to get achievements. Many times, dying is acceptable in the game as it helps to get more achievements done.

While playing the game, the player can collect coins, touch blocks, die on spikes, or even use teleport tubes to teleport the elephant. The collected coins can further be used to unlock new features in the game. Each level has different achievements that the player needs to figure out to complete the game.



The game has a total of 400 achievements that are to be completed to win the game. While some achievements are really simple to achieve, like moving the elephant, others can only be completed by following a specific manner. Some are extremely difficult to achieve and require a specific strategy in the game to complete.

How to play Achievement Unlocked 3?

The steps to play achievement Unlocked 3:

  1. Open the game page and click the “play” button at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. On the next screen, click on the “Play now” button.
  3. Now click on the “New game” option on the right.
  4. After that, move the elephant through the pipe to another room, where you will find all the achievements that are to be completed.


Achievement Unlocked 3 unblocked


Game controls

  • Use arrow keys in the keyword to move the elephant left, right, up, and down.
  • Read the achievements list on the right of the game screen that is to be completed.


Final words

The game is fun to play and keeps you engaged. As the little elephant, you are entitled to complete a set of achievements to win the game. Though it has a long gameplay and 400 achievements that need to be completed, it is still an amazing game to test your skills.

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